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Don't You Want Me, Baby? (2021)

Cake. Bloodshed. One giant squid.

Lydia and Rosie can't get on board with ' the mummy club' at Alice's baby shower, and it only takes one bitchy comment from the seemingly perfect Beatrice for things to descend into chaos... 

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-02 at 20.12.34.jpeg

Don't You Want Me, Baby? is a comedy/action short film, that explores the pressure that women face when it comes to the discussion around pregnancy, highlighting the various prejudices that surround the topic and aiming to open up the conversation to a wider audience.


Oona directed and co-wrote Don't You Want Me, Baby?,  the film had its premiere in July 2022 in London and is currently in the festival circuit.

Festival press kit

Behind The Scenes

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