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When You Were Here (2021)

When You Were Here, is a 4-minute non-narrative short film, that was done as a small passion project in late Spring 2021. Oona directed and edited the film.

The film explores the fear of intimacy, as we follow a girl who looks back on the night her boyfriend left her. Haunted by deep guilt and remorse, she reflects on what happened that night and what if she had done things differently. The girl dreams about how differently things could have gone, not wanting to accept the reality, but eventually she has to come to terms with the fact that it is simply too late.

When You Were Here - Full Film

Director, Editor & Colorist - Oona Koivula

Director of Photography - Nicolas Di Matteo


Daniel James Luke

Cat Zauner-Powers

Gaffer/AC - Kieran Poynter 


Music By - Gaspard Pancrazi 

whenyouwerehere official2.00_02_11_15.Still085.jpg
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