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For Real, Obsessed (2022)

For Real, Obsessed is a comedy/satire short film, that Oona wrote & directed in Spring 2022, as part of her course at London Film Academy. It is a 3-minute, one location short, that was shot fully on 16mm film.

The film follows two young girls - Iris and Bella, who decide to try a love spell from TikTok in order to attract their crushes, but the attraction quickly escalates into obsession..

Clip From For Real, Obsessed

Writer & Director - Oona Koivula

Director of Photography - Aoife Fee

1st Assistant Director - Filippo Bernardini

Editor - Andrey Kryuchkov

Production Designer - Raahiim Masood Khan

Costume Designer - Oona Koivula

Makeup & Hair -  Charlotte Treadwell

Gaffer - Anya Kundi

1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller - Vaiva Dirgelaite

Camera Operator/2nd AC - Gardar Erikksson

Clapper Loader - Thomas Piette

Sound Recordist - Sandra Utby

Boom Operator - Carlo D'Agnano

Technical Coordinators -

Marga Correia

Swaen Lievestro

Gianluca Giordimaina

Giovanni Compagnoni

Post-Production Coordinator - Iveta Trifonova

Senior Production Coordinator - Alastair Train

Associate Producers -

Joseph Jenner

Grace Hickson

Lauren Boy

Executive Producers -

Daisy Gili

Anna Macdonald

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