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On a hot summer night, somewhere in East London, two lovers - Jaelyl & Nova meet up for the first time since their explosive fight to reconcile their "situationship". However, as the night goes on, the pair is forced to confront their true feelings and face the sad reality, that it might be time to let each other go once and for all.


Director's Statement by Oona

"Upon reading the script for "ISSUES, HOLD ON", I strongly connected to its complex and layered characters and related to the story on a personal level, particularly to the character of Nova and the emotional rollercoaster she goes through in this film.


I wanted to tell a story of a modern "situationship", that so many of us can relate to all too well - the confusion about what you mean to each other, loyalty & commitment being a grey area.. My intention was to particularly contrast the different attachment styles between the two characters (anxious v. avoidant) and therefore also different communication styles - this way showing, that the only barrier between the two of them that stops them from being happily together, is simply lack of communication, which then leads to misunderstandings.


My aim was to intimately portray the intense emotions these characters go through while also showing the love and connection that will always exists between the two. I wanted to create an alluring, strong neo-soul aesthetic through the stylistic production design as well as the bold, neon lighting which also adds to the emotional intensity of the scenes."

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