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The Dyás (2021)

The Dyás is a short fashion film that explores the relationship between fashion and art. How fashion should be viewed almost as wearable piece of art - something that is preserved for decades, passed on from generation to another, never thrown away and forgotten.

THE DYÁS FINAL  (GRADED).00_02_43_06_edited.jpg

Oona was approached to direct the fashion film for The Dyás in late Summer of 2021. The Dyás is a London-based sustainable brand founded by Nuria Revuelta, the film was created to promote the launch of the brand. In addition, Oona also edited and produced the film. 

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Full Film

Director, Editor & Producer - Oona Koivula

Cinematographer - Joana Magalhaes

Designer - Nuria Revuelta


Amy Attwater

Tobias Blessing

Eliot Gillings

Congyu Xu

Production Designer - Asya Peker

Music - Gaspard Pancrazi

Colorist - Virgil Tafalla

Makeup & Hair - Rosa Marina Alvarez

1st AD - Ladan Laleh Saidi

Costume Assistant - Blanca Zumalacarregui

Behind The Scenes

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